What Is Speed?

Speed is just one of the designated street names given to one of the most dangerous stimulants in existence: methamphetamine. It also is known as crank, freeze, ice, glass, tweek, crystal meth and crystal. Speed alters certain chemicals in the brain, and is sometimes used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Another legitimate use of speed is for losing weight. Its illegal use, however, has sparked the need for speed drug rehab in virtually every metropolitan, suburban and rural area of the country.

For a bit of historical perspective, amphetamines and cocaine were among the popular speed drugs in the 1960s and especially the 70s. Cocaine became popular, but only with more affluent people in Los Angeles and New York City due to its high cost at the time. Crack cocaine in the 80s closed the cost gap, and many lower and middle class individuals became trapped by speed addiction. Since then, speed drug rehab has become increasingly important.

The problem with speed is that it’s extremely habit-forming. It’s so addictive that one study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated one in four adults fabricate ADHD symptoms just to get prescriptions for speed in the form of drugs like Adderall. These individuals are likely abusing speed and, mostly likely, will become addicted to it sooner or later.

The question becomes, how do you spot speed addiction symptoms in loved ones? How do you spot your own speed addiction problem? How do you know when you’ve transitioned from safe prescription levels to abuse and addiction? When do you know that speed drug rehab is necessary? In fact, users need to be very careful about not taking legal speed prescriptions like Adderall with other substances such as alcohol. Mixing substances like that is a recipe for an unexpected overdose. A speed addiction can be dangerous, or even potentially fatal in the right circumstances. Before tragedy strikes, it is important to seek out reputable speed drug rehab treatment.

Stimulants have been utilized successfully for treating ADHD, weight control and narcolepsy. However, speed is like a double-edged sword. Increased alertness, euphoria, increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate and loss of appetite are some of the results of abusive speed useage. And it’s doesn’t take much to descend into addiction that will eventually require speed drug rehab treatment.

Speed addiction is a problem that borders on being an epidemic. The 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that approximately 1.7 million individuals aged 12 or older have taken stimulants like speed non-medically in the preceding month. The most shocking aspect of that figure is that it doesn’t factor in nearly 900,000 methamphetamine users who took meth within the same month. If you or someone you love has a speed addiction, speed drug rehab treatment is the most effective solution.

Methamphetamine: King of the Speed Drugs

Meth, or methamphetamine, is synthetic stimulant that is relatively easy to manufacture in large superlabs run by drug cartels or homemade meth labs. Meth production can take place using easily obtained ingredients such as pseudoephedrine (a nasal decongestant), toluene (an industrial solvent), hydrochloric acid, antifreeze and lithium that has been extracted from batteries. But regardless of whether the meth is poorly produced locally or in an organized superlab, the end result is the same: a highly dangerous and addictive drug that usually requires speed drug rehab treatment to overcome.

What is meth exactly? In truth, it’s a neurotoxin (toxins poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue) that makes the brain release large amounts of dopamine, which in turn controls the brain’s pleasure and reward center. Dopamine is a critical ingredient for regulating how we respond emotionally to something we find pleasurable. When people experience an increased amount of dopamine in their system, they are highly motivated to pursue anything that brings pleasure. In the process, they will (at first) feel energetical and perhaps even invincible. Unfortunately, this effect becomes harder to achieve, which sets the stage for speed addiction and the need for speed drug rehab treatment.

Shocking Meth Statistics

The following statistics from the Drug Policy Alliance paint a gloomy picture of meth use in the United States and the need for speed drug rehab:

Meth is considered the second most frequently abused drug after marijuana

More than 10 million adults have used meth at least one time

More than 80% of the prison population in several midwestern states are there because of a meth-related conviction

A shocking 15,000 people die each year from meth-related abuse

More than 7% of emergency room admissions are directly related to meth usage

Why is Speed Abused So Frequently? Why is Speed Drug Rehab Necessary?

Individuals tend to use or abuse speed for the following reasons:

To be more productive at work or school

To lose weight

Become more social & extroverted

Experience the effects of euphoria


To achieve the desired effect, individuals sometimes take too many pills at once, or they crush the pills so they could be snorted. These methods greatly increase the likelihood of speed addiction, necessitating the need for speed drug rehab treatment.

As speed addiction begins to spiral out of control, users find themselves physically and psychologically dependent on the drug. Eventually, every waking hour is spent either trying to find the next dose or using it. At this stage, the most effective solution is treatment at a reputable speed drug rehab center.

Speed Addiction: Understanding the Signs & Symptoms

A speed addiction makes itself known in one or more of the following ways:

You take more than the prescribed dosage of the drug

You have intense cravings for speed

You try to hide your drug use from family and friends

Activities or hobbies you once enjoyed don’t matter anymore

Hygiene & appearance are no longer important

You neglect work, school, or home responsibilities to use instead

Withdrawal symptoms are keenly felt when you stop using

You now use merely to keep withdrawal symptoms from occurring

Trying to stop using speed on your own isn’t easy. Many who try to do so fail due to the many temptations and triggers in their immediate surroundings. Without question, professional help at a speed drug rehab center is the most effective way to overcome a speed addiction.

Detox is the First Step Toward Recovery From Speed Addiction

Before speed drug rehab treatment can begin, patients will first have to undergo detox. The symptoms of speed withdrawal usually include:

Pronounced fatigue

A desire to sleep constantly

Noticeable irritability

Depression, anywhere from moderate to severe

Professional detox may take place at a speed drug rehab center or at a separate facility that only handles the detox process of recovery. Although withdrawal from speed is seldom life-threatening, professional detox can help make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during the process.

A professional detox center can also prescribe medications or use therapeutic techniques to ease cravings and discomfort. With self-detox, it’s far too tempting to give up when the going gets a little rough. Professionals can carefully monitor you so that you can successfully complete detox and move onto speed drug rehab treatment.

Speed Drug Rehab: What You Need To Know

Speed drug rehab treatment can be divided into two broad categories: inpatient (residential) or outpatient. Each has its unique features. Inpatient is appropriate for more advanced addictions, or for those who don’t enjoy a stable home environment. Outpatient treatment may be most suitable for those with family or work responsibilities that can’t be put on hold during the process. Speed drug rehab treatment generally lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 days, depending on the individual’s unique needs.

The most common varieties of inpatient treatment are the following:

Basic: Includes therapy and aftercare planning. Usually, basic inpatient programs will include one-on-one therapy, group therapy, group activities and possibly a few types of alternative therapies like art or exercise therapy.

Luxury: In addition to everything available in basic treatment, luxury rehab will generally feature more elaborate amenities like yoga, swimming, acupuncture, surf or equine therapy. Generally, rooms are upgraded and menus are more specialized to patients’ dietary preferences.

Executive: For CEOs and business executives who not only want luxury but also extreme privacy during speed drug rehab due to their high-powered positions. Generally, an executive program will deliver luxury amenities such as large workspaces, internet access and meeting rooms.

Outpatient speed drug rehab treatment is an option for individuals who can’t afford to be away from school or work for such an extended time. Also, many health insurance plans may not pay for inpatient treatment. In outpatient treatment, patients attend therapy on a part-time basis while returning home at night. Outpatient is particularly appropriate for patients who have a solid support system at home.

Choosing the Right Speed Drug Rehab Program

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when you choose a speed drug rehab center, including:

Are treatment plans customized to a patient’s unique needs? Some speed drug rehab centers may take too much of a one-size-fits-all approach to rehab treatment.

Are staff members full qualified? Take a careful look at a facility’s team. Are they licensed? Are they certified in the therapy they are delivering?

Where is the facility located? Location can play a significant role in your decision. Quite often, it’s wise to avoid staying too close to home. Generally, being in a new environment can help with the idea that you are truly starting over and reclaiming your life.

Is the facility accredited? Accreditation from the Joint Commission, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or the Council on Accreditation is a good thing to see. It means that the facility has gone the extra mile to deliver high quality rehab care.

Speed Drug Rehab Can Be Complicated By Physical and Mental Health Issues

Long-term speed addiction can lead to a number of damaging effects on an individual’s body, such as:


Weight loss

Chest pain

A compromised immune system


Gum disease

Tooth decay

Mouth sores

The psychological symptoms for long-time users are no less frightening:

Aggressive behavior

Cognitive impairments



But it isn’t just a matter of mental issues brought about by addiction. It can also be about mental issues that cause or at least contribute to addiction. A co-occurring condition can hinder or undo even the best speed drug rehab treatment. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) must be dealt with during rehab treatment in order for treatment to be completely successful.

For speed drug rehab treatment to be effective, the facility must have the ability to deal with co-occurring conditions. To treat the addiction but not the underlying mental issue practically ensures a recovery failure. Dual diagnosis treatment for some people will be vital to their complete recovery.

How Do I Pay For Speed Drug Rehab Treatment?

Insurance: For most people, insurance coverage will be necessary. Even with insurance, however, there will frequently be out-of-pocket costs associated with speed drug rehab treatment.

Payment plans/Third-party financing: Some facilities offer payment plans to ease the burden of payment. Also, some third-party financing companies offer flexible payment plans as well.

Sliding scale rates: A few facilities will adjust the fees according to what you afford. This isn’t typical and probably isn’t an arrangement you’ll encounter very often.

Credit cards/Gifts: A credit card can be one way to go if you think that you’re able to pay it off relatively quickly to avoid excessive interest rates. Also, it’s possible that family members will be more than happy to chip in and help cover your rehab expenses.

GoFundMe and similar websites: These fundraising websites can be a life-saver for some people. If all other options aren’t available to you, definitely consider this one.

Speed addiction can be overcome. Professional drug rehab treatment is the most effective way to take back the life that speed took away from you.

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